viernes, 25 de marzo de 2011

Gyaru vs Gyaru #1 Eye make up!

Tsubasa & Kanako are very diferents...What is your favourite make up? Natural or ''Droppy''?
Kanako eye make up Tutorial by
Tsubasa eye make up tutorual by

What's your favourite make up inspiration? 

Send us suggests, information, tutorials...

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  1. Follow you! This blog is very nice :)

  2. Hello! This blog is lovely *___*
    I prefer Kanako, because her makeup is most striking, and also because it is one of my favorite models!!! ^_________^

    Follow youuu =3


  3. I like natural make up but a little droppy!! Like Kumicky or Okarie!! *o*

    Your blog is so nice!! I'm following you <3

  4. I prefer Kanako's makeup too ^^
    btw I love the concept of this blog :3 great idea! **
    I'm a follower~